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Course Redesign with Technology Program

Open Educational Practices (OEP) and Course Redesign: Sharing strategies for redesigning course curriculum and pedagogy is a critical component of OEP. The Course Redesign with Technology program (outline below) was implemented across the California State University's 23 campuses over five (5) years.

ePorfolios and OEP: Teaching ePortfolios can capture faculty's reflections on the reasons for redesigning their courses, the needs of their diverse populations of students, the innovations and technologies that could result in improved student learning, their implementation strategies, assessments of student learning outcomes, and lessons learned from the whole process. The Course Redesign program required each faculty to author an open teaching ePortfolio.

EXPLORE over 700 open teaching ePortfolios by faculty teaching in different disciplines. MERLOT's Content Builder tool provides customizable teaching ePortfolio templates that enables faculty to answer scaffolding questions about the the redesign process, outcomes, and lessons learned. MERLOT's Content Builder tool is free, open, and easy to use.

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Sharing Practices of the Course Redesign Program: Highlights of the program, tools, and templates are provided for you to (re)use if you want to adopt/adapt this program at your own institution. You can read more about the program in Kathy Fernandes, Brett Christie, Jean-Pierre Bayard and Leslie Kennedy (2019) Large-Scale Course Redesign: Putting Reflection Into Action, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 51:3, 34-43, DOI: 10.1080/00091383.2019.1606587

The Course Redesign with Technology program focused on: