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Capturing and Sharing Open Educational Practices with ePortfolios

The MERLOT community created a collection of online resources about ePortfolios that you can explore and learn about ways to capture Open Educational Practices with ePortfolios. AAEEBL, The Association for Authentic, Experiential, & Evidence-Based Learning, has provided a list of Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios that the MERLOT community would like to advocate as well. Tthese principles are well-aligned with the principles of Open Educational Practices.

MERLOT's Open Collection on ePortfolios

You are welcome and encouraged to contribute to this collection!

You are also welcome and encouraged to explore our partner organizations, including AAEEBL (The Association for Authentic, Experiential, & Evidence-Based Learning).

MERLOT's Open Tools to Capture Open Educational Practices

MERLOT's Content Builder provides a free, open, and easy to use authoring tool for faculty and students to design their ePortfolios. All websites built with Content Builder are fully accessible, scalable to any screen size or device, and are hosted by MERLOT. Tutorials and guides will show you how to create, edit, and publish a website entirely for free!

The MERLOT Content Builder is open and FREE to MERLOT members when they are logged into www.merlot.org  Click on the "Add" menu at the top of MERLOT's home page and select Create Material with Content Builder. If you are not yet a MERLOT member, join here, it is FREE.

MERLOT provides ePortfolio templates with scaffolding guidelines to create quality derivative OERs on:

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SkillsCommons' Storytelling Processes for Capturing Open Education Practices

SkillsCommons' Storytelling methodology is free, open, and easy to use so faculty, staff, and administrators can create teaching and institutional ePortfolios about the distinctive value of their career and technical education programs and the impact on their students, industry, and community.

SkillsCommons developed and openly shares an interactive storytelling rubric to guide people through the process. Explore examples of institutional stories that captures and openly shares successful educational programs.

Storytelling rubric


Share your open educational practices in more ways! With millions of users looking to use OER in MERLOT, your voice can potentially be heard by teachers and learners around the world.

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