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QA Institutional Strategies & Professional Development

Open Education Practices and Quality Assurance of Online Instruction: Institutional support of faculty developing their skills in online instruction is of critical importance. Sharing institutional strategies, implementation, and outcomes is essential for campuses to support their individual faculty's efforts to design and deliver quality online instruction.

Institutional ePortfolios for QA: Explore over 150 campus eportfolios explaining how their institution support quality assurance processes for online and hybrid instruction over the years.

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MERLOT and SkillsCommons have partnered with O'Donnell Learn on their "Purposeful Learning Framework".

The Purposeful Learning Framework™, a free and Open Education Resource (OER), is our guidepost for developing great instructional design-driven learning experiences. Our framework puts people at the center of everything we do and sets the stage for learners to succeed, through empathy and courses that are social and humanized while promoting equity and inclusion.

Following is a list of professional organizations with events and resources that can provide continued growth in your quality assurance efforts.