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Course Redesign ePortfolio Showcase


Explore the open teaching ePortfolios that capture faculty’s course redesign experiences and accomplishments. Each ePortfolio opens the faculty’s and institution’s practices for others to learn, adopt, and adapt for their own instructional needs.

e-Portfolio Title Author Campus
Course Redesign - RS 105 Religious Studies
We will be developing a series of accessible video lectures through Camtasia and Youtube, and archiving a selection of no-cost web-based supplementary resources for student use. We will work to build an accessible and attractive website for the course, through our current LMS (Moodle). We will also work to develop a series of high-impact assignments, through which to assess and evaluate student knowledge.
Hart, Sara Humboldt State
World Mythology Course Redesign with Technology

Humanities 140 World Mythology is a large lecture course delivered from a small department (Classics and Humanities) without a graduate program and, hence, without TA's. The course must be taught within the parameters of what a single instructor can accomplish with only ISA's to help correct small assignments. Reading assignments can only be reinforced by elementary Blackboard quizzes and activities. The course is also now delivered as a hybrid/blended course: one third of the weekly lecture time is delivered as podcast-videos. Course Redesign with Technology would allow me to improve the quality of Blackboard materials, improve the effectiveness of online/distance materials, and (as detailed below) improve students' response to course material and demonstrate higher levels of mastery of the course's SLOs. Most importantly, course redesign would allow me to create podcasting/video instruction that would be a self-standing element of the course that could be accessed and used by a coordinating instructor of writing in RWS.

Smith, Joseph Andrew San Diego State