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Course Redesign ePortfolio Showcase

Ethnic Studies

Explore the open teaching ePortfolios that capture faculty’s course redesign experiences and accomplishments. Each ePortfolio opens the faculty’s and institution’s practices for others to learn, adopt, and adapt for their own instructional needs.

e-Portfolio Title Author Campus
Large Lecture GE Course Redesign with Technology

This project aims to redesign ES 112 from a small lecture (35 students per section) to a large lecture (120 students per section). One primary goal for this redesign is to reach more students with this particular course content in order to teach the indispensable historical and contemporary issues related to race/ethnicity and racism in the U.S. Ultimately, the goal is to teach such material because this intellectual content prepares students to be better citizens in the world, and it equips them for a new global marketplace in the twenty-first century.

Navarro, Jenell Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Asian Food, Culture, and Hospitality Course Redesign to Increase Student Success

The course is an upper division GE and an approved course that meets SF State Studies American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) requirement. The redesign can address three bottleneck issues: 1) low accommodation capacity to meet high student demand; 2) lack of quality auditory and visual instructional strategies; and 3) relatively low student success rate.

Ferns, Bo San Francisco State