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Course Redesign ePortfolio Showcase

Critical Thinking

Explore the open teaching ePortfolios that capture faculty’s course redesign experiences and accomplishments. Each ePortfolio opens the faculty’s and institution’s practices for others to learn, adopt, and adapt for their own instructional needs.

e-Portfolio Title Author Campus
Online PHIL 102 Logic and Critical Thinking

Redesign PHIL 102 Logic and Critical Thinking so that it can be effectively taught fully online. The redesign focuses on making difficult material more accessible to students, helping students evaluate their understanding of the material, and monitoring student learning.

Wong, Wai-hung CSU Chico
Critical Thinking Online

This project aimed to improve access to an Area A3 general education course and to reduce the proportion of repeatable grades (D, W, and F). This course has been fully redesigned as an online course with efforts directed at utilizing universal design for learning concepts. I am also working to ensure that this course is fully ADA compliant and I am currently working on adding transcripts for video lectures.

Willits, Dale CSU Bakersfield
Flipped Asynchronous Course Redesign in Critical Thinking PHIL 102

PHIL 102 is an A3 general education course, which is widely regarded as a "bottleneck" because of its high repeatable grade grate. This project invovled a series of course redesign strategies aimed to improve student success in the course. The first redesign attempt utilized a hybrid format. The second redesign attempt utilized a hybrid format combined with asynchronous learning. The third redesign attempt utilized asynchronous learning in a face-to-face format. Results suggest that asychronous learning in a face-to-face format improves pass rates and mastery of course learning outcomes, while the hybrid format both with and without asynchronous learning lowers pass rates. Project results also suggest that pass rates stablize regardless of class size.

Jackson, Debra CSU Bakersfield