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eQOOL Resource Repository

The eQOOL Resource Repository connects to the Cal State University's QUARRY project which is a collection of exemplars that are mapped to specific quality assurance objectives. These resources serve to inform design and delivery of online, blended, and flipped courses.

  • Introduction
  • Assessment
  • Materials
  • Interaction
  • Facilitation
  • Technology
  • Resources
  • Accessibility
  • Wrap-Up
  • Mobile Readiness

You can browse the exemplars by category at the QUARRY website.

This repository allows faculty and instructional staff to view multiple ways a particular objective may be effectively met, whether making changes to one's own course or serving in the role of a designer. These exemplars are Creative Commons licensed, allowing for others to freely adopt-adapt as long as attribution to the exemplar author is given.

If you would like to make a contribution to the repository, please see the exemplar rubric for what will be acceptable. We are in the process of creating our automated submission process so in the meantime, contact us at support@skillscommons.org if you would like to submit materials to the eQool repository.